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The Goodness of The Lord

“What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the goodness of The Lord.” Psalm 27:13


Faith is KEY. I know I have talked about having faith and trust in The Lord constantly, through every trial, through every “loss,” through every single aspect of life. Obviously the times having strong hope in God’s goodness and God’s plan is when we are struggling. Whether it be not knowing what to do with your life, a break up/ divorce, loss of a loved one,  “failure,” and every other event that has made your heart crumble and your comfort taken away. You don’t understand WHY these terrible things are happening and you desperately want to know, not only why, but also where do I go from here? What do I do now?


Like I mentioned in my last post, there is no “wrong choice.” If God wants something to happen, it will happen no matter who, what, when, or where. This seems comforting when you have zero options and there are no choices! But what about when opportunities are presented to you? What if you get a job in the same city you were pumped to leave? Do you take it? Do you pass? What do you choose?


While there is no wrong choice, I still believe that God directs us and calls us into the direction He wants us to follow. The fact that there is no wrong choice just means if we decide to not listen to God or follow His plan for our lives, He gives us countless opportunities back into His plan for us. It is our job to listen for The Lord in all that we do. If we do that then we know God will never lead us into something terrible—only goodness.


“Because Abraham had faith, he obeyed God when God called him to leave his home. He was to go to another country that God promised to give him. He left his home without knowing where he was going.” Hebrews 11:8


Faith. Abraham had it and therefore did not fear the unknown. He did not fear uncertainty. He did not fear confusion.


For instance, after I graduated from Texas A&M in December of 2013 (WHOOP!), I desperately searched for a job in the communication field allllll over Texas. However-- nothing. Nothing worth me moving across the state for, at least. So I took a deep breath and prayed for God to show me where He wanted me. He put the desire in my heart to become a dental assistant and gave me a job right here in College Station. This actually worked out perfectly (of course) as my rent was still active until July 2014. I got to spend my best friends last semester living two feet away from her, and I got to stay in a place I knew well and was close to home. Sometime about 6 months after this blessing, God gave me signs to again peruse a job in my degree field. I put in my notice, and began following up on leads. For some reason, everything I found fell through. I had all sorts of different plans, and one by one they all showed how they would not work out. I was distraught, to say the least. So completely confused and lost. Why would God lead me away from a stable job I enjoyed to leave me unemployed? Ohhhhh what little faith. I finally decided to move home at the end of my lease to listen to God. The DAY before I was set to move home I had an interview at Bryan Broadcasting and the rest was history. God’s perfect timing, right? ;) Unfortunately, this story does not end happily ever after with me in a suit sitting in my own office, making the big bucks. While the interview seemed to be too perfect to be true, when I got the details two weeks later I discovered that it was true that it was not as perfect I thought.  It was a job, yes, but the awesome big girl job I was expecting, no. Cut to me landing back in the land of frustration and confusion.


Now as I am writing and reading this, I look like I’m being unappreciative for having a job land in my lap. And maybe I was at first. But I will say I was mainly disappointed. I am 23, have been out of college for almost 7 months, and still have my parents helping me out. I thought this job was my big break into adulthood and financial independence! So to find out I was no further along than I was before this job was pretty disappointing. 


Although this job has turned out to be hardly anything I expected from my initial interview, I have come to realize that God’s blessings are not always huge, giant, awesome, noticeable moving of mountains. Sometimes they are small subtle breadcrumbs that He wants you to follow to the greater blessing.


Like in Psalm 27:13 mentioned earlier, I BELIEVE I will see the goodness of The Lord, I BELIEVE he has not and will not lead me astray, I BELIEVE he will give me all that I need.


I’m only 23! I have my whole life to be financially independent. I should be grateful my parents are able and willing to help me, not ashamed. I should be grateful that I was given this job full of opportunity and growth, instead of unemployed. The Lord will provide me with exactly what I need, even if the things He has given me do not stand out like a neon sign, they are there. It is up to me to see and utilize them.


“Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33


I’ve seen a majority of my friends land awesome jobs right after graduation, and it always made me feel like I was doing something wrong to not be up to their speed. “No one starts at the top” is something I’ve heard way too many times, and is something I never saw as true. But for anyone reading this who is graduating soon, or has graduated and is still looking for the perfect job, know that you are NOWHERE near alone. Share your journey with me! Lets ignore this world’s “standards” of what makes us “good enough” and focus on The Lord’s truths together. :) 


“You are fearfully and wonderfully made!” Psalm 139:14

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